• a primer that reduces the porosity of wood on surfaces treated with the bulk method
  • prevents excessive absorption of pigmented stain and darkening of the color tone
  • provides an even work surface, preventing the appearance of streaks and stains during staining
  • includes UV-Boost protection
  • overlap 5-10 m²/l 
  • manual
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Prelude is a primer for wood surfaces that have been treated with a bulk method or have been mechanically damaged in some way.

One layer of Prelude fills the pores of the wood and allows you to achieve an even finishing surface. Prelude is ideal for both indoor and outdoor wood surfaces and also contains UV Boost for UV protection. Prelude is a primer or intended to cover the wood surface before adding a finish and should never be used as a final finish. Use the product only with Lifeline wood finishing products.

Not intended for use with Deck Defense.

Recommended application temperature: +5 to +30°C, mix the product every 15-20 minutes. Do not use in direct sunlight. When applying, be sure to move the brush back and forth for an even result.

The product is dry to the touch after 1 hour, completely dry after 72 hours.


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