• the tool allows the wood to breathe
  • protects against mildew
  • does not allow the wood to turn yellow
  • translucent
  • UV protection
  • overlap 8-10 m²/l (1 layer rough); 15-20 m²/l (2nd layer smooth)
  • manual
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Lifeline Exterior is a semi-transparent finish that tones and highlights the natural beauty of wood. In addition, Lifeline Exterior creates a weatherproof protective layer on the wood that allows the logs to breathe and dry.

Lifeline Exterior can be applied to wood with a brush, sponge or spray. The best result is given by a vacuum sprayer and subsequent over-brushing of the surface. For a long-lasting look and color, we recommend applying two coats to the logs.

Add for UV protection UV Boost protection– it is a water-soluble liquid concentrate stain additive for the first stain layer. Highly pigmented stains last longer in intense sunlight. For best results, apply Lifeline Exterior immediately Lifeline Advance topcoat, when the first remedy has dried. You can also apply Lifeline Advance Gloss or Satin over the stain later, but you shouldn't wait more than 12 months for the job.

Recommended application temperature: +5 to +30°C, stir the product every 15 minutes. Do not use in direct sunlight. When applying, be sure to move the brush back and forth for an even result.

The product is dry to the touch after 4-6 hours, completely dry after 72 hours.


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