• removes most old finishes on logs, siding and decking
  • does not damage sealants or sealants
  • does not corrode aluminum or other metal surfaces or change their color
  • environmental friendly
  • finish remover S-100 not recommended for removing paint containing lead or paint applied before 1972
  • overlap 1.2-2.4 m²/l

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PCSI S-100 PCSI S-100 is a still-based environmentally friendly finish remover solvent. The product removes old oil-based or still-based finishes from logs, exterior linings and terrace surfaces. PCSI S-100 is a new technology developed by Perma-Chink Systems that was originally designed to remove paint from aircraft aluminum surfaces.

The finished gel is easy to apply to surfaces either with a short-haired brush, paint roller or vacuum sprayer. Within a few minutes, the product softens the old finishing layer, and since it is a gel, the product stays wet and active for quite a long time. Once the old finish has softened enough, it can be easily removed by pressure washing.

S-100 does not darken wood or change its tone, it does not corrode metal surfaces or change their color. In addition, sealants or sealants will not be damaged. While the tool is an effective tool for removing most log home finishes, there are certain coatings that require stronger chemical removal. Perma-Chink Systems recommends ordering first S-100 sample and test it on the finish you want to remove before placing your final order.

Recommended application temperature: +5 to +30°C. Apply the product to the wall from bottom to top, rinse thoroughly from top to bottom.

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