Epoxy resin wood pulp M-Balmin epoxy resin-containing liquid penetrates deeply into porous, diseased, dried Thai mushroom wood pulp, picking up and strengthening the wood with a strong moisture-resistant substance, which contains both original wood fiber and epoxy resin mixture. The more M-Balmia is used, the stronger the harvest will be from the tree. The substance seals the damaged area and prepares the surface for E-Wood treatment. Epoxy resin - Part A Hardener - Part B Mixing- […]

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Blaster Buddy

Blaster-Buddy-Sirotemethodevan vanhan prizemelyainen poistaeženje blaster-Buddy-sirotemetjeme vanhan prizemelyainen poistaeženje is the simplest and safest working method from the point of view of millet. Talone is cleaned so that the surface of the tree remains dry and is immediately ready to be treated with a new, beautiful Lifeline finish. The Blaster-Buddy equipment weighs about 200 kg and is a little more than a meter tall. The Koneen delivery includes 15 m of hose, remote control and user manual. Vuokratun is supplied with the device

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Smart Strip

Finishing agent SMART STRIP, an ammattimainen finishing agent, is an environmentally friendly, water-based solvent that removes most of the oil and water-based stains and wood preservatives from wooden surfaces. SMART STRIP does not contain dangerous chemicals, is biodegradable, non-toxic and unlike corrosive paint removers, it does not change or darken the tone of the wood. Typical features include hirsistä, ulkoverhoilusta and terrassintointoita […]

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PCSI S 100

Finisher remover PCSI S-100 finisher remover is an environmentally friendly water-based solvent that removes several old oil or water-based finishers. Perma-Chink Systems was developed based on a new technology for removing old paint from aircraft aluminum surfaces. The ready-to-use gel is easy to apply with a brush, paint roller or vacuum roller. The substance softens the old finish layer [...]

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Epoxy putty-based wood preservative E-Wood is a putty-based flexible epoxy filler that is used for hirsien puuttuvien puuosien päikkaimien. E-Wood forms a permanent bonding layer even on the outside of the most rigid panels. Huokoisia paint should always be treated with a low-viscosity proprietary epoxy, such as M-Balm. E-Woodia can be used for fixing wooden parts in window frames and window frames, furniture and other wooden fronts. The substance can also be used in pre-structured […]

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