• on the terrace, balcony, fences
  • with strong UV protection
  • dries quickly
  • the color is resistant to weather conditions
  • overlap 4-6 m²/l (1 layer is enough)
  • manual
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Deck Defense is the best wood stain for balconies, terraces and all kinds of other fences. It is a long-lasting tool and is easy to use. Although it is a completely water-based product, Deck Defense has good absorbency and the finished surface leaves an oiled finish. However, unlike oil-based products, it hardens into a lattice-like coating that supports and strengthens natural wood fibers from the inside out.​

Deck Defense is a strong protection of log house balconies or terraces and their fences against sun, wind and water and other possible natural harmful effects. It is easy to apply and maintain and is available in several colors.

Deck Defense can also be applied to decking that has previously been finished with Deck Defense, provided the surface is properly prepared.

Recommended application temperature: +5 to +30°C, stir the product every 15 minutes. Do not use in direct sunlight. The surface must be clean and preferably clean wood Wood Renew with the product. When applying, be sure to move the brush back and forth for an even result.

The product is dry to the touch after 15 minutes, non-sticky within 30 minutes, but we recommend placing the items on the painted surface after 24 hours. The 1st layer is enough, but if there is a desire to add a 2nd layer, it should be added before the first layer has dried. If you want to add a second layer, but the surface has already dried, wait 1 week before adding the second layer.


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