• prevents cold air and water from entering the house
  • ensures the thermal stability of the log house
  • suitable for both internal and external walls
  • elastic, adapts to the sinking of the logs
  • suitable for all climatic conditions
  • read about the overlap in the additional information
  • sealing materials user manual
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Perma-Chink is an elastic sealing material used to fill the joints of a log house. The product adheres well to the surface of the log, forming a tight hermetic layer between the log wall and the outside air. It also "plays along" in the subsidence of the house thanks to its unique stretchability and elasticity. Perma-Chink resembles traditional masonry mortar and is available in different packages and in a wide range of colors. order a sample package, contains 1. small tube and 1. meter of sealing strip.

Larger quantities are an affordable and convenient way to install sealing material for larger jobs, but for sealing smaller surfaces or for repair work, it is more convenient to do it with tubes of 325ml or 880ml size. The Perma-Chink bucket (24kg) is best suited for large projects and installation requires the use of special tools that allow learn about sealing materials below. If it is more convenient for you to use a tube instead of a bucket when compacting, it is worth considering that 1 bucket is equal to 20 large tubes or 55 small tubes.

Recommended application temperature: +5 to +30°C

The table below can be used to estimate the amount of Perma-Chink is needed for your project:

Material Perma Chink 24kg overlapping Joint width Joint thickness Joint length
1 cm 1 cm 300 etc
2 cm 1 cm 150 etc
3 cm 1 cm 100 etc
4 cm 1 cm 75 etc
5 cm 1 cm 60 etc

Steps for using sealant:

1. Fill log gaps with appropriate sized backer rod before applying sealant
2. Add Perma-Chink log chinking overbacker rod
3. Mist with water to make tooling sealint easy and smooth
4. With light pressure, slide flat-bladed tool along sealant to smooth and ensure adhesion to logs








Video instructions for using Perma-Chink:

Additional materials:

Weight 5.48 kg

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