Additive to Stay-Clean Mildew-X stain

  • protects wood from mold
  • does not change the finish color
  • does not emit an unpleasant smell
  • the product can be purchased for a 3.8L canister and a 19L bucket
  • manual
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Mold in a log cabin or house is a precursor to decay and rot. Not only is mold unsightly, it can cause logs to rot, which may require replacement in the future. Mildew-X is an anti-mildew additive that is easy to mix into either a 3.8L canister or a 19L bucket. Mildew-X does not affect the performance of any Lifeline stains and protective coatings. Made from environmentally friendly materials, Mildew-X does not contain volatile organic compounds or unpleasant odors.


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