Log Boss

Log and wood fastening tools If you are looking for fastening tools that give the best possible end result, then the right choice is the Log Boss product series developed for fastening mill and wooden structures. It is also possible to use a large amount of water in order to fix the hirsien paikoilleen and paikoillaan pittamänen. The surface covered with lubricant and the sturdy wing element make the installation of external fasteners as easy as you can imagine. Log Boss – käyentysäää is available […]

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Gasket Tape

Rigid sealing strip Gasket Tape is a rigid medium-density PVC strip with a bend-sensitive adhesive tape on one side. Gasket Tape provides effective protection against the penetration of dust, heat, cold air and moisture into buildings. Gasket Tape is replaced during a construction hurricane. The tape is flexible and works even when the hinge is bent. Gasket Tape is a reliable non-sealing material, its operating temperature range is -20...+75 degrees.

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Backer Rod

Strong polyethylene sealing tape An affordable, but nevertheless effective sealing tape, known as Backer Rod. It remains visible on the outside of the millet and is a chemically neutral rigid polyethylene rope, which is intended to effectively fill the hole left on the outside of the millet before Perma-Chinkia or Energy Sealia is spread on those areas. The Backer Rod is flexible and easy to work with

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Grip Strip

Rigid polyethylene sealing tape Grip Strip is a rigid sealing tape. Under normal conditions of use, it does not move to the boy's place due to the effect of heat. Tiivistysnauhan's unique shape gives it excellent conditions for sticking to the holes in the outer wall of the hirsien. Saves a significant amount of money spent on caulk. Edut zaumauslaastille tai tiivstystyshalle lujan tartuntapinnan taistystysnahan shape and structure enable it to be installed easily without a hack, nailer or glue taistystysnahan

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