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Log End Seal treatment agent for log ends protects log ends exposed to weather conditions from damage. Auringon sādāi, wind, sate, snow and ice damage the tree surface. This is especially important in the case of hirsien gündijen, which are prone to damage and which are damaged most quickly. Even when the end of the millet is covered with a hand tent, the rough end surface absorbs moisture from the millet. This creates profitable […]

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Lifeline Prelude

Saumauslasti / Pohjuste Prelude is a saumauslasti / pohjuste wood surface, which has been treated with the spreading method. In recent years, the use of a sprayer has become more and more popular in removing old topcoats, so that the surface can be treated with a new layer of stain. The spreading method slightly increases the porosity of the wood, so the treated surface will use more stain than the surface that has been treated chemically or washed or cleaned with a pressure washer. Bigger

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Die Shine

Sure Shine, a quick-drying color interior finish for wood, gives wood and slats a beautiful look without the need to use solvent-based finishes. Special ingredients help the material to last on wooden surfaces even under anchoring conditions. The substance dries quickly, so even three layers can be applied in one working day. Because Sure Shine does not evaporate the solvent, you don't have to leave the house

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Lifeline Acrylic

Väritön interior finisher Satin tai Gloss We offer Lifeline Acrylic Satin & Acrylic Gloss parhaita väritömäs interior finisher luononmukaiselle hirsitalollenne. There is no better alternative to emphasize the beauty of the wall materials, ceiling materials, ceiling chairs, saw materials and panels used in the application than these substances. Lifeline Acrylic Satin & Acrylic Gloss are free of hydrolysate, which provides the strength, clarity and longevity of polyurethane. Aineen

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Lifeline Interior

Stains and plaster of paris for interior surfaces and slats. Vimeistelypets Lifeline Interior brings natural beauty and structure to the interior. The substance forms a finishing layer on the tree trunk, which allows the tree to breathe. It is easy to wash and dust. Lifeline also reduces the absorption of syntyvien hajujen puuhun in the package. Lifeline Interior is a fire-resistant and non-dispersive finishing material. It does not yellow and preserves

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Lifeline Endure

A water-soluble clear finishing agent for terrasseille Lifeline Endure terrassin finishing petisä is spread on the wood yksi kerros, which protects against rain and provides excellent protection against graying of the soil caused by UV radiation. The substance is not significantly affected by the environment, is resistant to scratching and does not become dangerously slippery. Endure terrassin finishing agent is such a complete protective agent that it does not require the use of other substances to provide additional protection. Typical properties scratch-resistant

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Lifeline Advance

Exterior Satin tai Gloss, a color-resistant protective coating, lifeline advance is a color-resistant finish. Lifeline Advance brightens up the vibrancy and highlights the features of Lifeline Ultra-2 and Lifeline Exterior, so that millet-like features become more successful. The base stain of the acrylic resin and the fillers in Lifeline Advance is the final finish of the milled base of the värisävylle ulkoviimeistel. Regular maintenance of exterior walls Lifeline Advancella helps prolong

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Lifeline Exterior

Lifeline Exterior semi-transparent stain and sealer is a semi-transparent finish that tones and enhances the natural beauty of the tree. Lifeline Exterior also creates a moisture-resistant polymer layer on the wood, which allows the wood to breathe and dry. This point is especially important when you have wet or partly dry millet. Lifeline Exterioria can be applied by brush, sponge or spray. Parhaaseen

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Lifeline Ultra-2

Long-lasting stain and finishing agent Applying two coats of Lifeline Ultra-2 to the wood will help ensure the long-lasting maintenance of the walls and floors. From the day the substance has been applied to the wall, the finishing agent will remain on the wall for a few years, making this wood stain different from the rest of the building. Applying two coats of Lifeline Ultra-2 wood mulch helps to ensure permanent maintenance of the walls. From the date the subject

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UV Boost

UV Boost additive for reducing UV damage in wood surfaces UV Boost is a concentrated water-soluble liquid additive that contains UV inhibitors based on new technology. In some geographical areas, there is more sunshine than the other. Do not touch with ultraviolet rays. If UV Boost is added to Lifelinen water-leucoisine stains, it prevents the wood from graying under the stain layer. Since the concentration of the active components is different, always use the instructions [...]

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